You Don’t Have to be Called, Just Go!


Fundraising is not easy, but every person in the United States should find a way to go on at least one short term missions trip to a foreign country to truly appreciate the United States.

Instead, I sense an apathy towards missions.In May, my husband and I went on our first short term missions trip. We began our fundraising a year before the trip because neither of us knew any wealthy friends or relatives. Our fundraising depended upon God, and in using my diligence and creativity to raise $3,000 (plus the amount for the dog sitter and our passports). God certainly surprised me in the process.

Friends gave helpful suggestions. These friends had experienced the uncertainty of fundraising in a short space of time. I also used social media to bring an awareness to our need. Some of the fundraising I did:

  • Applebee’s dining-to-donate
  • Garage Sale (donations given by people in my community)
  • Businesses donated some proceeds of their parties.
  • A church took the donations so it was tax deductible.

In March, prayer was answered in that the team’s needs were covered. God answered our faithful prayer by raising the funds just a few months shy of our deadline and over the amount I needed like I prayed so I could help out a Honduran friend with the extra. It was my first fundraiser. He wanted me in Honduras, and I didn’t know why until I spent nine days in Central America touched by a loving sense of community that I hadn’t experienced here. Joy in ministry felt anemic until I saw it exercised in a third world country. It changed my husband and I, and when we returned, we jumped into another fundraising project, trusting God once again to raise what we need for two missionaries. You don’t have to be called to go on a short-term missions trip; you just have to go.


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